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Weighted Denim Jacket

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This vest is weighted down with style...literally! Each vest features both shoulder (110g. each) and pocket weights (450gm) providing weight through the shoulders and towards the hips for maximum benefit. The vest features pockets for holding fidgets and stylish buttons for easy dressing and undressing. This is a terrific vest for children who benefit from having sensory in put during the day for calming, focus and atten tion.

The small vest can hold up to 2.7kg., the medium vest can hold up to 5kg. and the large vest can hold up to 5.5kg. However, weights should be carefully and gradually adjusted for each person s needs. (5% of total body weight is a common standard. The total should never exceed 10-15% of total body weight). Always use with the advice of a therapist. Machine wash cold with like colors. Dry with medium heat.

Small chest measurement - 71cm

Medium chest measurement - 76cm

Large chest measurement - 86cm


Weighted Denim Jacket


Weighted Denim Jacket


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