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CVC Tri-Blocks Tub

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Build words with your Tri-Blocks and learn consonants and short vowels (CVC).Turn each block and manipulate the middle vowel sound or change a spelling with a consonant. Tri-Blocks let children know spelling rules by their color coding and unique block orientations. Also, for use with CVC Builder and Word Builder box card sets (sold separately). Teach phonemic awareness, word building and spelling. Tub contains 90 x Tri-Blocks . Ages 5-8, Grades K-3.

  • The consonant vowel consonant collection of tri-blocks. Covers consonant beginnings, short vowels, consonant endings syllable
  • Tri-blocks slide together to make words, and can be twisted to change the spelling (manipulate a sound)
  • Color-coded so that beginning consonants are in dark blue, short vowels in red, and final consonants in light blue
  • Comes in a handy storage tub
  • Multi-sensory, hands on and fun

CVC Tri-Blocks Tub


CVC Tri-Blocks Tub



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